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Toronto bladers during the annual bladers day. August 22, 2021
Toronto bladers in Hamilton, Ontario 28.07.2020

Toronto Bladers is an inline skating group for intermediate & advanced skaters dedicated to getting out, inline skate, and have fun. We roll anywhere as long as the wheels allow it from fixed skate park locations, 5 km to 50 km rides, we roll 1 to 3 times a week, winter included because the wheel is mightier than the friction.

Events are announced by email, one week prior to the date (check here) but feel free to suggest and or request events!

Season opens on the third week of March until the last day of November, but we still skate all year round, winter included.

Requirements to join

Join only if you do plan to skate.

  • Code of conduct
  • Agreement waiver and release of liability
  • Skater registration must be completed
  • Adequate equipment that matches inline skating activity
  • Minimum wheel size is 80 mm (unless for slalom)
  • Check your skill level before sign up in the wrong group
  • No pets (cats, dogs, etc), during the events due to the hazard they cause as well as city laws
  • No alcohol and or drugs of any kind, legal or not legal
  • Unblock emails or messages from organizers or you will be removed
  • 3 no shows after rsvp yes will result in removal from the group
  • 1 account per member only. Dormant and or unused accounts are removed.
  • Intermediate inline skaters must be able to maintain an average speed of 15 km/h or higher on long trails
  • Advanced inline skaters must be able to maintain an average speed of 20 km/h or higher on long trails
  • No politics, activism, narcissism, flamboyance, skate wars and or disrespect.
  • No electric skates, no quad skates and or skateboards

Skating styles

Free skating, tricks, recreational skating, fitness skating, marathon skating, slalom skating, urban skating, wizard skating and speed skating.

Locations include

  • City trails, woods trails, city/urban skating, pump tracks, sports tracks, public and private rinks once a while and a skate park once a blue moon.
  • We do not skate circles


If you are looking for female skaters only, during 2022 to 2023 we help and sponsor the rollerbabes, here and here.

Social media

Follow us out on youtube, twitter and instagram. We skate in Toronto Ontario, GTA and beyond.


  • This group is not for beginners and you must be skating for at least a year on a regular basis to acquire the required proficiency to keep up with the group
  • You are expected to be able to keep and maintain an average speed of 15 km/h or higher on long trails.
  • You must know how to stop and brake with enough proficiency to execute it safely