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Toronto bladers during the annual bladers day. August 07, 2022
Toronto bladers on the Martin Goodman trail. August 13 2019

Toronto Bladers is an inline skating group for intermediate & advanced skaters dedicated to getting out, inline skate, and have fun. We roll anywhere as long as the wheels allow it. From fixed skate park locations, 5 km to 50 km rides, we roll 1 to 3 times a week, winter included because the wheel is mightier than the friction.

Season opens mid March and goes until the last day of November, but some, inline skate all year round, winter included.

Members will move rank/group as per skills shown during events and safety in consideration.

Follow us out on youtube, twitter, facebook and instagram. We skate in Toronto Ontario, GTA and beyond.

Requirements to join


We do several types of events and have 8 intermediate annual events. For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, no guests are allowed and only registered skaters will receive email event notifications according to their profile, equipment and shown skills.

General events: Notified registered members within the age group
(Just show up, ready, equipped and roll)
Athlantian events: Athlantians, Olympians, and Titans
(Avg speed: 12 to 15km/h up to ~25 km length)
Olympian events: Olympians, and Titans 
(Avg speed: 15km/h and above up to 40 km length)
Titan events: Titans gang only by invitation and or proven GPS stats.
(Avg speed 20 km/h & up to 50 km distance more)

Skating styles

We do not do aggressive skating, figure skating or quad skating.

Locations include

  • We do not skate circles to the beat of a drum. We do mostly distance inline skating
  • City trails, woods trails, city/urban skating, pump tracks, sports tracks, public hockey rinks and a skate park once a blue moon.